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we went out last night.

kasey took me to the sun city carnival tour. and let me
tell you it was a blast. i have never sung so loud in my life.
it was crazy fun. like you have no clue.

"everybody was lovin' on each other when we went out
last night."

"and baby i don't see how you could be anything but mine."

sugarland rolled across the audience in these gigantic balls.
it was so cool. they were amazing. kasey went crazy. so did i.
we were more excited for them than kenny but when he started
he blew me away.

when he sung my song "big star", oh god. kasey could tell you
a crazy story.

threw my shoes off during, "no shoes, no shirt, no problems" and
stayed barefoot for the rest of the concert. :)

i really wanna re-live this. but i can't and that's okay.

the waggle awards.

most likely to cry
most memorable stage moment
most likely to ad lib
biggest bitch
hidden talent

the awards i recieved. sung for good. cried.

"because i knew you i have been changed for good."

i'm really really happy.


May. 28th, 2009

everyone in theatre enjoyed my wicked presentation.
after the slideshow, katie cried. she can't do that, god.
it made me almost cry too. but, i stay strong around
some people so i probably won't break until tomorrow.

waggle awards tomorrow. gonna be crazy fun. :)

i'm gonna be a bumblebee. if savannah remembers.
crosss your fingers.

all for now. haven't been this happy in awhile.

i'm sick as hell.

don't wanna go to school tomorrow...

May. 24th, 2009

talked to sam for a good two hours.

she deserves so much more than what he
gives her. i know she loves him and you can't
stop love. but, she doesn't deserve to cry and
suffer after all she's been through in life.

i cannot stand him...

"he never felt so scared, but he never felt so

"and she wouldn't trade a day for all those
friday nights."

i want the disney trip back. like sam said, everything
changed once we hit the kentucky state line.

it feels so worthless, but my heart keeps telling me
to fight.

i love you... goodnight.

he's going back up there today. he'll
fall in love with her all over again, or he'll
try to break up with her and she'll cry
and he'll chicken out.

god... fml.

legacies are due today. mine's gonna be the
biggest and the best! =]
nothing has changed. i don't know
what i want. i don't want him to go see
her this weekend...


it felt so right in that moment.

why do things have to be so complicated?

this one guy completely stole my
heart during the disney trip. =]

he amazed me.


back from disney.

my dream came true.

I've been waiting for so long
For something to arrive
For love to come along
Now our dreams are comin' true
Through the good times and the bad
Ya,  I'll be standin' there by you! 

Baby you're all that I want
When you're lyin' here in my arms
I'm findin' it hard to believe
We're in heaven
And love is all that I need
And I found it there in your heart
It isn't too hard to see
We're in heaven

Slow danced with that special kid to this song last night.
Nothing really has ever felt so right. I wish I would have taken
a chance and made my move, of course that didn't happen.
If I want this to work I have to find my own way to make it happen.